Tips to get good sleep.

We all love sleep, but most people don’t get enough it, according to a report published by the  Times of India 93% of Indians are deprived of sleep, this sleepiness can lead to memory loss, difficulty concentration and lack of motivation. The average adult needs 7 – 8 hours of sleep during the night, but the quality of sleep matters too! Here are few tips for getting the best rest possible.

  • Cool Down your room- The average best sleep happens when the surrounding environment is at 65°F or 19°C and u might fall asleep faster if you warm your body before sleep, for eg. A warm shower before entering a cool room makes you feel drowsy by slowing down your metabolism. Even if you are tucked under a blanket, researchers find that a cool head helps give you a better sleep.

  • Use light to your advantage: Your body has a natural sleep cycle regulated by the exposure of light so in the morning get a nice dose of light to tell your brain that it’s time to wake up, an hour before bed dim lights and turn of the screens this queues the brain to prepare for sleep.

  • Finally, Sniff Some Herbs: You can either breathe in lavender oil before bed or put a lavender pillow on your eyes before you sleep. Now, this sound really weird but that control trials done with lavender as a sleep aid actually really works. The effect is likely stronger if you pair lavender with some other relaxing agents in your routine like journal writing or meditation.

So, give these tips a try and see if they help you in getting a good sleep and improving your productivity during the day time.


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These Are the Most Popular Baby Names Around the World

By Liz Steelman / Real Simple

If there is a name that’s beloved in both North America and Europe, it’s Emma. Not only is it the most popular girls name registered with the Social Security Administration here in the U.S., it’s also the second most popular name in France, the third in Canada, and 19th most popular in Scotland. But besides preschool classes filled with Emma’s, how do other country’s popular names compare to the U.S.? Here, the most popular names for newborn babies from eight different countries across the globe.


According to BabyCenter India, the most popular name for boys was similar to those in other Eastern countries: Muhammad. The name took the top spot from Aarav, which dropped down to second after being the most popular name for five years in a row. Rounding out the top three for boys is Arjun. For girls, the names follow a global trend—ending in “A”. The most popular name for newborn girls was Aadya. It has held the top spot for the past three years. Popular names for girls also include Ananya and Shanaya.



In Ireland, the most popular names in 2016 were Emily and James. Emily has been the most popular name for girls for the past two years, too. The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade based their data on the nearly 18,000 passports issued to children born last year. Other notable popular names were unique to Irish heritage, such as Aoife (pronounced ee-fa) and Finn. However, multicultural names such as Freya and Muhammad also were popular last year.

Note: the full list of registered names and rankings for Ireland has yet to be released.


Our neighbors to the north have similar tastes in baby names. According to BabyCenter Canada, the top name of the year was Liam for boys and Sophia for girls. According to an analysis released by BabyCenter, Sophia took the top spot for girls in the U.S. in 2016. Liam was the third most popular name.

Some names on the list were strictly Canadian, too. A few names stood out from BabyCenter’s U.S. list. Hudson (18) for boys and Zoey (7) over the American-preferred spelling Zoe. They also chose a slight differentiation of the most popular name—Sophie (19).



According to the National Records of Scotland, Olivia and Jack were the most popular name for newborns in 2016. Though Jack has remained at the top for boys for nine years, it’s Olivia’s first time at the top, surpassing Emily in popularity. Also distinctly popular in Scotland were Lewis (4) and Finlay (15) for boys and Jessica (7), Lucy (9), and Millie (19) for girls.


According to Mental Floss, Iceland requires parents must choose a name already approved by the Iceland Naming Committee, or submit a request for approval. This makes for a list of popular names with a distinctly Icelandic twist. According to a report by Statistics Iceland released December 2016, the most popular name for newborn boys born in 2015 was Aron, followed by Alexander, then Viktor. And for girls? Emilía, followed by Sara, then Ísabella.



England’s top baby names look a lot more similar to neighbor Scotland than they do the in U.S. According toBabyCentre, Olivia took the top spot for girls names in England, too. The English must really like that name since the top name for boys was the masculine derivative—Oliver. Other standouts? Alice (19) and Poppy (13) for girls, and Freddie (14) for boys. They also prefer both Isabelle (9) and Isabella (8), but pick Sophie (10) instead of Sophia. Also departing from the Scottish, the English prefer to name their sons Finley (20).


Leaving the United Kingdom for mainland Europe brings drastically different name trends. According to the 2015 INSEE names registry released in January 2017, the name Emma survives the jump across the pond and remains the second most popular name for newborn French girls. The other two top names, however, are distinctly French: Louise (1) and Jade (3). The most popular boys name? Nolan. And though Léo is a popular name for boys both in the U.K. and France, it ties for second most popular with Jules. Gabriel rounds out the top as the fourth most popular.

South Africa

In South Africa, popular names follow a cherubic theme. According to the Statistics South Africa’s October 2016 release on recorded live births, the most popular names for girls in 2015 were Precious, Princess, and Angel. For boys, it was Junior, Blessing, and Gift.

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Gun attack kills at least 35 at Istanbul nightclub

ATTENTION – VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH An injured woman is carried to an ambulance from a nightclub where a gun attack took place during a New Year party in Istanbul, Turkey, January 1, 2017. Murat Ergin/Ihlas News Agency via REUTERS

A gunman shot his way into an Istanbul nightclub packed with New Year’s revellers early on Sunday, killing at least 35 people and wounding more than 40 in what the provincial governor described as a terrorist attack.

The assailant shot a police officer and a civilian as he entered the Reina nightclub before opening fire at random inside. The club lies on the shore of the Bosphorus Strait in the Ortakoy district of Turkey’s most populous city.

“A terrorist with a long-range weapon … brutally and savagely carried out this incident by firing bullets on innocent people who were there solely to celebrate the New Year and have fun,” Sahin told reporters at the scene.

Around 500-600 people were thought to have been in the club when the attack happened at around 1:15 a.m. (2230 GMT), broadcaster CNN Turk said. Some jumped into the waters of the Bosphorus to save themselves and were being rescued by police.

Dozens of ambulances and police vehicles were dispatched to the club in Ortakoy, a cosmopolitan neighbourhood nestled under one of three bridges crossing the Bosphorus, and home to clubs, restaurants and art galleries.

Reina is one of Istanbul’s best-known nightclubs, popular with locals and tourists alike.

Turkey, part of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, faces multiple security threats including spillover from the war in neighbouring Syria. It has seen repeated attacks and bombings blamed on Islamic State as well as Kurdish militants in recent months.

Magnitude 7.7 earthquake hits off Chilean coast

(CNN)A magnitude 7.7 earthquake occurred off the coast of southern Chile Sunday, 40 km (about 25 miles) southwest of Puerto Quellon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami threat message for parts of the Pacific Ocean close to the earthquake. Tsunami waves 1-3 meters above tide level are possible on parts of the Chilean coast, according to the center.
The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy issued a tsunami alert for the region of Los Lagos.
Meanwhile, Chile’s Ministry of the Interior and Public Security has asked people to leave the beach areas of the regions of Bio Bio, La Araucania, Los Rios and Aysen near the quake zone.
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet expressed support to the people of her country through a tweet posted shorty after the quake hit.
“Much strength and mood to the compatriots affected by the earthquake in Chile and other areas of the south! Emergency protocols are already operating,” Bachelet tweeted.
Chile sits on an arc of volcanoes and fault lines circling the Pacific Ocean known as the “Ring of Fire.”
The area experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Since 1973, Chile has had more than a dozen quakes of magnitude 7.0 and above.
In February 2010, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake killed more than 700 people and affected more than 2 million others, according to Chilean officials.
That quake struck off the Pacific coast about 60 miles northwest of Chillan, Chile, at a depth of nearly 22 miles, the USGS said.
The city of Concepcion, Chile, and the Maule and Bio Bio regions were devastated, with buildings in ruins and roads left unpassable.
In the quake’s immediate aftermath, more than 1.5 million people were without power in and around Santiago.


A road in Tarahuin, Chiloé Island, damaged by the earthquake on Sunday. Photograph: Alvaro Vidal/EPA

How to increase your memory and stop memory loss……

Are you forgetting names? Forgetting where you kept your glasses? What you read last minute? Then you are surely suffering from memory loss. Well I am telling you few ways to keep your mind fresh and healthy so that you can remember things better.
Here are the few ways?
1) Do regular exercise- Exercise not only helps your body but also helps your mind to be refreshed. Start your morning with regular exercise and it will keep you refreshed all day. Jogging, catching the ball will increase your concentration helping you to remember things better.
2) Sound sleep at night: Sleep is the best thing you can give your mind and body to keep it refreshed. If you are suffering from memory loss please have good sleep. Sleep at-least seven to nine hours a day and avoid watching tv before going to bed. Don’t touch your smart phone or avoid carrying it to the bed and reduce the level of daily caffeine and alcohol intake. Stop drinking coffee.
3) Sharpen your mind: To avoid memory loss with age, keep yourself busy with tasks, playing Sudoku & and solving crosswords is the best way to sharpen your mind. Try to learn new things everyday, spend time with good people, keep yourself busy with intelligent conversations.
4) Reduce stress: Stress is your biggest enemy. We all know at the end of the day after doing a lot of work everybody gets tired and full of stress. We have to try and reduce the level of stress. If your body and mind is not permitting something don’t do it.
5) Eat healthy food: A healthy diet is very necessary to have a bright memory. Stop eating a lot of sugar and sweets. Start eating lots of vegetables and fruits and food containing Omega 3 fatty acid like walnuts, egg yolks. Anti-oxidants also helps to keep your memory refreshed. Green tea is one of the best source of anti oxidants. Use olive oil instead of other oils.

Soundmagic ES18S Unboxing and first look review

Hello everyone after a long wait I did purchase the Soundmagic ES18S, well I wasn’t quite sure which headphone I should buy before giving it a go and my budget for headphones have never been more ₹1,500/- I have moved on from many headphones and I am like most of the people use in ear headphones. I used to have a JBL 100T but that was damaged due an incident. So, I went ahead and started searching for the best budget headphone with a microphone and after reading a lot of reviews here and there I gave the Soundmagic ES18S a go. The headphone was delivered in a fairly decent box giving a peek of the actual earbuds with the sound magic logo. The box contents were as usual headphones, extra earbuds but they also provided a carrying pouch which we generally don’t receive with a headphone which costs below ₹1000/- but thanks to Soundmagic they provided one, which will be really useful as I will be using this headphone for my daily use. The build quality of the headphone was quite decent, the cable looked tough enough to handle the daily use. Now lets talk about the audio quality, I used the headphones for a quite a few hours and heard it in a quite room and the sound quality was nothing to be dazzled but provided sufficient bass, and especially considering its price it is definitely a deal breaker so  if you are considering to buy a headphone and have a budget of ₹1000 then I would surely recommend this this headphone to you.

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