How to increase your memory and stop memory loss……

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Are you forgetting names? Forgetting where you kept your glasses? What you read last minute? Then you are surely suffering from memory loss. Well I am telling you few ways to keep your mind fresh and healthy so that you can remember things better.
Here are the few ways?
1) Do regular exercise- Exercise not only helps your body but also helps your mind to be refreshed. Start your morning with regular exercise and it will keep you refreshed all day. Jogging, catching the ball will increase your concentration helping you to remember things better.
2) Sound sleep at night: Sleep is the best thing you can give your mind and body to keep it refreshed. If you are suffering from memory loss please have good sleep. Sleep at-least seven to nine hours a day and avoid watching tv before going to bed. Don’t touch your smart phone or avoid carrying it to the bed and reduce the level of daily caffeine and alcohol intake. Stop drinking coffee.
3) Sharpen your mind: To avoid memory loss with age, keep yourself busy with tasks, playing Sudoku & and solving crosswords is the best way to sharpen your mind. Try to learn new things everyday, spend time with good people, keep yourself busy with intelligent conversations.
4) Reduce stress: Stress is your biggest enemy. We all know at the end of the day after doing a lot of work everybody gets tired and full of stress. We have to try and reduce the level of stress. If your body and mind is not permitting something don’t do it.
5) Eat healthy food: A healthy diet is very necessary to have a bright memory. Stop eating a lot of sugar and sweets. Start eating lots of vegetables and fruits and food containing Omega 3 fatty acid like walnuts, egg yolks. Anti-oxidants also helps to keep your memory refreshed. Green tea is one of the best source of anti oxidants. Use olive oil instead of other oils.

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